Does Weight Destroyer Systems Really Work?

Nowadays with weight problems at the maximum point possibly, many more people are seeking solutions to shed weight. Tension and stress tend to be at the bottom of many weight gains in that when an individual gets upset, anxious he eats to try to resolve this matter. However , most folks begin getting stressed out when they have to stop eating the foods they love. After they check out all the diet plans available on the market that do not permit them to eat virtually any meals, the worries doesn't decrease but mounts, therefore they don't remain on the dietary plan and could gain a lot more bodyweight than before. This is a never-ending vicious cycle for those that truly want to reduce weight and keep it off.

What are the major problems with diets, and exercise?

The sad news is that many of the weight loss products on the market today offer you starving yourself, cutting out many nutritional foods you need, or the effects do not last. The truth of the matter is most people that want to lose weight are looking for help changing their lifestyle in order to keep the weight off while still enjoying their favorite foods with minimal exercise. Vigorous exercise and only raw vegetables to eat is no way to lose weight, and either are diet pills that once you stop taking them, you will begin to gain weight again.

The gyms are raking in the bucks for those looking to lose a few inches, but the personal trainers are not in the business to help clients reach their weight goal and then keep it off in a short amount of time. As a matter of fact, if a person lost the weight quickly and stopped going to the gym, the gym would certainly start losing money, thus the reason even a personal trainer is not going to be your answer to permanent weight loss.

Then there are other people that are just trying all kinds of diets and workout programs to lose weight. These individuals are still finding it hard to lose the weight they need to lose and then keep it off. Most of these people find themselves in the same place as those that hire personal trainers, gaining all the weight back.

The main reason all these people are having issues with gaining the weight back is that too many individuals rely on one thing to help them lose weight such as dieting or exercising. In order to be truly successful at losing weight and keeping it off one must work with the whole body. This means mind, emotions, and body. Stress and anxiety need to be managed as well as keeping your mind clear of doubt along with healthy exercise and eating properly. Losing weight does not have to be a hard road without eating foods you enjoy or killing yourself doing a million sit ups a day. Losing weight and keeping it off is really nothing more than changing your lifestyle.

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What you need is a program that addresses all this and works. The answer is in the Fat Diminisher reviews form customers.

What is the Program?

This program is completely different than those fad programs out there that are here today and gone tomorrow. This program has been researched and developed using all the information in the industry and then combines it into one great package that actually works. The program offers a complete package from strength training to diet to controlling stress. This means that you will not only be confronting losing weight but will be combining factors that help you lose weight and keep it off by lowering stress, eating healthy, and of course exercising. The diet will not make you feel run down or starved, it actually teaches you to eat healthy but to eat so you are full to lessen the desires of eating too much. With this complete package, stress will be lowered which is often raised when you starve yourself or cannot enjoy eating foods you like, thus you will be able to keep the weight off. The program offers a holistic method that has been proven successful.

Creator of the System

Behind the program is Dr. Michael Allen, wellness specialist and chiropractor. He created this program after he worked with one of his clients to help her lose 90 pounds.

Main Values

The Fat Diminisher is an ingenious new program to help those with the desire to lose weight and to keep it off to do so without the need to stick to a strict diet. Dr. Michael H Allen proves and even shows in his program that you can still lose weight even if you have an eating binge every once in awhile. This is perfect, as most people become stressed when they realize on their fad diets that they cannot ever enjoy the foods they love. The program offers a balance to life and to eating which is just what is actually needed to meet the desires of those wanting to lose weight. The best thing of all is that it is very easy to follow with rewards.

The first two weeks of the program are devoted to detoxing your body. Dr. Allen recommends eating only organic vegetables and fruits. After this, there are 10 more weeks of losing weight.

What factors are behind the it?

Stress is often the root of the problem that causes it to be hard to lose weight. If you can lower your stress, it will make losing weight much easier. In this program, you will learn exercises that help to lower your mental stress.

The Fat Loss program does not use some generic cardio workout but a high intensity training which aids in actually losing weight. Doing sprints or other such activity does not help the way many profess and does often give you ways to cheat which will certainly not be beneficial.

The diet that is associated with the program is one created to maximize fat burning. The diet allows you to eat small meals throughout the day instead of eating those 2 to 3 large meals. The diet provides you with a list of foods that you should not eat along with a list of foods that will help you lose weight fast. Dr. Allen even provides you with the best times of the day to eat your meals that will aid in weight loss.

Strength training is very important, as you will build muscle while losing weight as you increase your metabolism.

Water is just as important as all the other factors as it actually helps to flush away the toxins in your body, which helps your body lose fat.

The way the works

The way it works is by first detoxing your body so you can begin with a clean body. During this stage in the program, you will only eat natural foods such as legumes, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. This stage actually is very important as it helps your body flush away the toxins that help build fat as well as ensuring your body is ready for long-term fat reduction.

This stage is the hardest as you will have to avoid certain foods for 2 weeks, however, it is very crucial in order to achieve long-term weight loss. The best part is that once you have reached the end of the stage you will be able to enjoy eating other foods instead of staying on a strict diet for months only to regain the weight.

After the detox stage, you will begin to eat more balanced meals while performing workouts. The workout plans offer three levels, which are beginner, intermediate, and advanced. This means you can do the workouts at your fitness level instead of trying to do workouts that your body may not be ready to do. Of course, the workouts will be challenging but you will be happy once you begin to see the results.

The workouts are high intensity cardio training along with body strength, which are the best workouts for fast pounds burning as stated by experts in the field. The best part is that for those that do not have time, the program offers 15-minute workouts so you never have to worry about not finding the time to do your workouts.

Within the program you receive a workout guide and recipe collection so you can start losing weight in 3 to 4 days. You will also receive a shopping guide that will give you ideas on the foods you should eat while you lose weight.

What makes the Fat Diminisher System Different?

The main thing that sets this program apart from all those fads diets and exercise programs is the emphasis on cleaning the body. By cleansing the liver, you can enjoy fast weight loss. The reason is that the body has a build up of toxins in our body especially the liver that stops the body from losing weight. The program provides you with all the materials you need to change your lifestyle with tips and tricks to fast weight loss, which works toward maintaining weight loss while not killing yourself in the process by over exercising, or giving up all the foods you enjoy.

Dr. Allen along with his wife Lori have a weight loss clinic in Carmel Indiana that is ran using the factors and principles outlined in the Fat Diminisher reviews. Lori, herself, used the program and achieved fast weight loss that stayed off.

 Why this is the best solution for you

The main reason the weight Loss Factor program is perfect for you is that it works with the whole body and helps teach a lifestyle that can be maintained easily. The entire program will ensure you do not lose weight, gain it back, and then have to lose weight again. You will not have to worry about gaining weight through the holidays and then losing weight to get into your bikini again for the summer.

People that have tried this program are still maintaining a healthy weight and enjoying life as well as many of the foods they love. The program is so easy to follow and will not require you to spend your entire day counting calories or working out on a treadmill for hours at a time. The program allows you to eat all those fattening foots you love while still burning fat while working out only 15 minutes per day.

Who will receive the most advantages?

This is an easy question to answer. No matter if you want to lose weight fast for an upcoming event such as your class reunion or you want to permanently lose weight and keep it off, this program will do just that. You can actually lose the weight you need for an event in around 2 weeks. In addition for those that are tired of the yo-yo effect, the program allows you to maintain your weight loss.


No long hours of training – the programs offers 15 minute, 30 minute, and 60-minute workouts.

Can lose weight and fat fast

Can print the e-book quickly to have the pages you need close at hand when looking for a workout plan or a certain recipe

No counting calories


The only downside of the program has nothing at all to do with the weight loss at all, but more the way in which the organic foods are pushed. Organic foods are more than likely the best way to go, but are often more expensive which can be a problem for some that want to lose weight. The information given on organic and non-organic foods is a huge eye opener and does show that organic foods are healthier, but he does seem to be a bit extreme on the issue.

What you get with it

The program includes

  • ·         The Fat Loss Factor e-book
  • ·         The master cleanse videos
  • ·         Fat Loss Factor Goal Setting Guide
  • ·         Workout plans for beginning, intermediate, and advanced
  • ·         5 15-minute workouts
  • ·         Food Diary
  • ·         Exercise Log
  • ·         Safe foods search software
  • ·         Grocery shopping list
  • ·         Fat Loss Factor measurement forms
  • ·         Lifetime updates
  • ·         One year personal coaching via email


The Fat Loss system is a great way for everyone to lose weight and still enjoy life. Learning how to deal with stress while losing weight is a wonderful inclusion that helps ensure that the weight loss is gone for good.